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Mirko Buchholz Peeck

Cinematographer | Kinematograf | Lichtsetzender Kameramann | Director Of Photography

Mirko Buchholz-Peeck | Berufsverband Kinematografie BVK - Profil

Born 1981 and grown up in Hamburg Germany. Based in Hamburg, Berlin and Crete

Telling stories and making them visible, is about empathy. Cinematography is about feelings, people and about telling their stories. It is moving, and it is about atmosphere and light, about different moods, different realities and different people.
That is why I love and live my profession and love making stories visible.

Please contact me, just to talk about it or to have me working on the next project with you.


  • o2 - Telefonica
  • Mobilcom-Debitel
  • Bosch
  • Porsche
  • Steinberg
  • Comedy Central
  • Sony Music / Entertainment
  • Stylux GmbH
  • ...

Up to now from 2002

  • Since 2010
  • Cinematographer on feature films, commercials, TV-series, web- and corporate films, documentaries, music videos
  • Since 2008
  • Gaffer for national and international commercial and feature film productions
  • before
  • Working as photographer
  • Spark/Electrician and bestboy for national and international commercial and feature film productions
  • Apprenticeship in photography (people and beauty)
  • Volunteer at rentalhouse Cinegate in Hamburg and Cape Town (SA)
  • Working for a TV-station as a trainee