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Mirko Buchholz

Cinematographer | Kameramann | DOP | Operator

Born 1981 and grown up in Hamburg.

Since I started working in the film industry in about 2002, I had many chances to present myself. Just being me and wearing shoes I like, work very well in 'reality'.
Serving pieces of my work and some smart text here, I find much more complicated. So again, I had a hard time thinking about what to write about myself. Something like „I am a cameraman with a passion for people and lifestyle... I love photography... my grandfather, a successful photographer... I started as an apprentice lighting technician, learned about lighting and worked on... being a gaffer, shot first shorts as a DoP. ...years of expierience in photography and lighting led to working as a DoP..." and so on.
Which makes a lot of sense.
Though, what I actually find important to say is:
I love and live my profession, and I love to give stories their vision. Please contact me, just to talk about it or to have me working on your next great project with you.


  • o2 - Telefonica
  • Mobilcom-Debitel
  • Bosch
  • Porsche
  • Steinberg
  • Comedy Central
  • Sony Music / Entertainment
  • Stylux GmbH
  • Stiftung Hermann F. Reemtsmar
  • ...

Now from 2002

  • Commercials, lifestyle- and successful music videos, web-series and corporate films, TV mini-series
  • Working as a cinematographer on several short films and other scenic works
  • Lighting technician and later on gaffer for german and international commercial and feature film productions
  • Apprenticeship in photography
  • Volunteer at Rentalhouse Cinegate in Hamburg and Cape Town
  • Job at NDR (TV-station)